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Our reviews of the latest and upcoming games, movies, TV shows, and more. If you want to see our favorite video games, check out Polygon Recommends.

Featured stories

Aquaman flounders in The Lost Kingdom

God of War Ragnarök’s roguelite DLC is an excellent ode to Hades

Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon Part One is just a surface-level, sketchy Star Wars

The Zone of Interest breaks dangerous new ground in exploring the Holocaust

Netflix’s Yu Yu Hakusho is the rare tonal mishmash that works

I’m sorry, I cannot be normal about reviewing the Wonka movie

The Iron Claw has Zac Efron doing Greek tragedy in spandex

Doctor Who blew its big handoff

The Analogue Duo is a gorgeous clone for only the most hardcore fans

The new Monk movie is more like Mr. Monk’s Hallmark movie

Netflix’s Leave the World Behind serves up a very privileged apocalypse

Some movies are safe. Eileen is a dare.

Maestro captures Bradley Cooper’s struggle to define what he really wants to be

Your D&D group deserves WizKids’ massive new Watchtower set

Napoleon is the anti-Great Man biopic

Warhammer’s excellent new smol-scale wargame exposes a big weakness

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off remixes what you think you know about Scott Pilgrim

Dream Scenario is exactly the goofy Nightmare on Elm Street prequel we needed

Wish is a pale imitation of the better Disney movies that came before it 

Thanksgiving is secretly the best Scream movie since Wes Craven’s run

Super Mario RPG is an endearing, perplexing relic

Persona 5 Tactica can’t sustain the revolution

The PlayStation Portal is a fine device for a bizarrely narrow audience

Disney Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn’s two new starter sets complete the game’s launch

Loki never knew how good it could be

Netflix’s David Fincher thriller The Killer never pays off its brilliant setup

Movie delay be damned, Dune: Imperium - Uprising brings the battle for Arrakis home

Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes gives the dystopia fad the ending it deserved

The Steam Deck OLED improves much more than its screen

A weak year for rom-coms finally gets a truly great one

Wingspan designer’s The Fox Experiment helps evolve nature-themed board games

The Marvels is a fun little party thrown at the end of Marvel’s worst year

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