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Tabletop Games

Flesh and Blood’s newest hero wants you to bet your life in the Death Match Arena

5 great tabletop RPGs under $20 that require zero prep

Get 25 Pathfinder books for $25 at Humble

‘Almost nobody left’ of D&D team that helped get Baldur’s Gate 3 off the ground, says Larian CEO

Nemesis, one of the best modern board games, shatters records on Gamefound

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The best new tabletop RPG books of 2023

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Star Wars: Unlimited pushes the limits of galactic warfare — and deck building

Write the stories of iconic Star Wars battles in Fantasy Flight’s latest TCG

Dimension 20 returns for Junior Year at Fantasy High

Hasbro’s layoffs have deeply impacted the D&D and Magic teams

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The best tabletop RPGs we played in 2023

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The best board games we played in 2023

Some of our favorite geeky literature is on sale at Amazon and Target

All the Warhammer 40K lore you need to know for Rogue Trader

Disney Lorcana’s next set, Into the Inklands, adds DuckTales characters in February

MTG: Murders at Karlov Manor launches Feb. 9, here’s where to pre-order

New Magic: The Gathering set will have you asking ‘whodunit’

Buying Disney Lorcana’s new expansion from Amazon will require a virtual queue

Where to pre-order Pokémon TCG: Scarlet and Violet — Paldean Fates sets before they launch

Altered TCG could change the economics of Magic, Disney Lorcana, and Pokémon

Steamforged is taking another stab at the Dark Souls license with co-op board game

New to D&D? Check out these gift ideas

Witcher to fight Buffy, Deadpool, Bruce Lee, and Beowulf with new Unmatched release

Pathfinder’s first new rulebook after breaking with D&D evokes David Attenborough

The best Cyber Monday 2023 deals you can still get

Laser-cut board game organizers are a surprisingly thoughtful gift idea

Your D&D group deserves WizKids’ massive new Watchtower set

There’s a Total Recall tabletop RPG adventure, and it’s on sale for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday deals have arrived on supplies for painting minis

Cyber Monday is bustling with great board game deals at Amazon and Target

The best D&D Cyber Monday deals include the best D&D adventures

Scoop up these Magic: The Gathering deals in Amazon’s Cyber Monday sale

Board games are buy 2, get 1 free at Target during Cyber Monday

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