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I wish it didn’t take federal crimes to see video games mid-development

What if Aliens’ biggest asshole lived?

X-Men game and future Marvel roadmap revealed in Insomniac leaks

Marvel drops Kang actor Jonathan Majors after guilty verdict in assault case

Jonathan Majors has been found guilty of assault and harassment

The best geeky Advent calendars you can buy

Every MCU movie, ranked

Marvel Snap will still ‘flourish in the future,’ despite ByteDance’s exit from gaming

Thanksgiving is Spider-Man’s holiday

Marvel’s What If…? season 2 visits a Mario Kart world, the year 1602, Christmas

The wackiest Spider-Man story is now the Madame Web movie

The Marvels revives a ridiculous old ’80s trope — and almost redeems it

Captain Marvel should have been the MCU’s first true jock

The MCU teases a reboot for a new generation in The Marvels

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How Marvel Comics killed Dracula over and over again

Loki never knew how good it could be

Every Marvel Cinematic Universe TV show, ranked

The big questions we had after The Marvels, and a few answers

Let’s try to make sense of Loki season 2’s big finale

Loki season 3 remains a big unknown

The Marvels teases a future the MCU is barely prepared for

When will The Marvels come to streaming?

Comics lore, timeline questions, and more things to know before seeing The Marvels

Lego’s 5,201-piece Avengers Tower includes a Kevin Feige minifig, America’s ass

The Marvels is a fun little party thrown at the end of Marvel’s worst year

What to catch up on before you see The Marvels

The Marvels’ final trailer may have given away its biggest surprise

Marvel quietly admits there’s too much MCU homework

The Marvels is a great reason to catch up on the MCU’s most underrated show

Loki season 2 is hinting at the biggest Loki story of the last decade, as best it can

Echo might be the most R-rated thing the MCU’s done yet

Marvel has discussed pivoting to Doctor Doom to fix its Kang debacle

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