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The latest games, TV, movie, anime, and comics news, trailers, release dates, and more.

Game publisher Versus Evil shuts down, fires staff days before Christmas

PlayStation classic Alien Resurrection hides one heck of a piracy secret

Surprise Five Nights at Freddy’s game revealed by being accidentally released on Roblox

GTA 6 lead hacker faces indefinite custody in ‘secure hospital’

When Demon Slayer season 4 comes out, based on everything we know

5 things to know before watching Aquaman 2

Baldur’s Gate 3 patch fixes horrifying ‘Pinocchio issue’

Disaster ‘zombie MMO’ The Day Before is going for big bucks on gray market

New live-action Avatar photos show off some favorite minor characters

Bethesda shares plans for Starfield’s first expansion, mod support

Bobby Kotick out at Activision Blizzard

The catastrophe of the Insomniac hack goes way beyond leaked games

Kerbal Space Program 2’s latest update launches player count into orbit

PS5 sells 50M units, a big milestone after a turbulent start

Watch James Cameron use a virtual camera to direct Avatar: The Way of Water

Dallas Stars goalie debuts new Mario Kart helmet: ‘I played a lot growing up’

Blizzard shares World of Warcraft roadmap for updates through 2024

Armored Core 6 update adds new parts, new maps

X-Men game and future Marvel roadmap revealed in Insomniac leaks

Insomniac hackers release 1.3 million files covering Wolverine, Spider-Man 3, and beyond

Suicide Squad game spoilers run wild online as Warner Bros. tries to squash leaks

Marvel drops Kang actor Jonathan Majors after guilty verdict in assault case

Jonathan Majors has been found guilty of assault and harassment

Twitch’s ‘artistic nudity’ policy rolled back days after it was introduced

All the Warrior season 4 news we’ve heard so far

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 studio to make Hunter x Hunter fighting game

Chainsaw Man is getting an anime movie set after the first season

Alan Wake 2, Max Payne actor James McCaffrey dead at 65

Activision Blizzard settles discrimination lawsuit for $55M, but sexual harassment claims withdrawn

Christmas classic Elf is coming to Roblox, with help from the movie’s director

One Piece is getting a new anime adaptation from Wit Studio and Netflix

Godzilla can star in anything, and he’s finally getting to prove it