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What if Aliens’ biggest asshole lived?

One Piece is getting a new anime adaptation from Wit Studio and Netflix

It’s totally legal for Batman to punch the Great Gatsby and yet I’m still waiting

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Wonder Woman, Egyptian fantasy, and pro wrestling in 2023’s best comics

Comixology was never going to save comics, but it tried

Surprise: Lionsgate is reportedly working on a Naruto movie

Gorgeous Calvin and Hobbes box set is less than half price for Black Friday

By tapping Nicholas Hoult for Lex Luthor James Gunn is learning from Snyder’s best

The Joker: Year One will reveal a new secret history of Batman’s archfoe in 2024

The wackiest Spider-Man story is now the Madame Web movie

Scott Pilgrim was never the guy the movie made him out to be

The MCU teases a reboot for a new generation in The Marvels

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How Marvel Comics killed Dracula over and over again

The Marvels teases a future the MCU is barely prepared for

The Marvels’ final trailer may have given away its biggest surprise

Marvel quietly admits there’s too much MCU homework

Loki season 2 is hinting at the biggest Loki story of the last decade, as best it can

That flower moment plays a lot different in the Pluto manga

The Scott Pilgrim anime opening credits are a real banger, of course

All the ways Insomniac Games is teasing the next Spider-Man game in Spider-Man 2

The Scott Pilgrim hardcover box sets are available to pre-order

Green Lantern writer to donate royalties in response to anti-gay backlash

The future of DC movies in 2022 and beyond

Junji Ito is still the only comics artist that scares me

The best Spider-Man gifts for fans

The comic origins of every single Spider-Man 2 costume

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The comics industry has left creators to drown, so some are building lifeboats

Cooperatives, basic income, and solidarity in the wake of #ComicsBrokeMe

Marvel’s Jason Aaron hops from Avengers to Superman in 2024

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All the NYCC 2023 news, trailers, and reveals in one place

If you could create the next One Piece or Naruto, here’s your chance

Calvin and Hobbes creator speaks! (On his first published work in 28 years)

I hope the new Transformers comic does awaken something in me, actually

The next level of puzzles.

Take a break from your day by playing a puzzle or two! We’ve got SpellTower, Typeshift, crosswords, and more.