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Netflix’s Rebel Moon, the Hunger Games prequel, and every new movie to watch at home this weekend

A guide to the many good Seven Samurai riffs

Zack Snyder says Rebel Moon’s R-rated cut ‘takes place in a slightly different dimension’

Freud’s Last Session imagines the philosophical debate of a lifetime — then flops

I truly believe Tim Burton’s Willy Wonka movie is still the best Willy Wonka movie

The final scene in the DCEU dares you to think of it as a metaphor for the whole franchise

5 things to know before watching Aquaman 2

The case for silly vs. serious Christmas movies

Aquaman flounders in The Lost Kingdom

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The best Blu-rays and 4K UHD releases of 2023

Dimension 20 doc reveals a ‘legendary’ artist’s impact on its D&D show

Maestro’s biggest problem? Bradley Cooper’s open hunger for an Oscar

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Emma Stone gave Poor Things an unexpected happy ending, says director Yorgos Lanthimos

The director and screenwriter Tony McNamara on how Bella Baxter took over their movie

Watch James Cameron use a virtual camera to direct Avatar: The Way of Water

Masaaki Yuasa, anime’s oddest auteur, still feels like he has so much to learn

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Ranking the high and low notes of every Broadway musical adapted as a movie

The Color Purple, Cats, Les Misérables, Into the Woods, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and more

Can Alex Garland’s Civil War somehow be apolitical?

In another reality, The Prince of Egypt kicked off a new wave of American animation

Marvel drops Kang actor Jonathan Majors after guilty verdict in assault case

Jonathan Majors has been found guilty of assault and harassment

Zack Snyder lifted Rebel Moon’s griffin scene from his own unmade 300 sequel

Plus: why Jena Malone was his choice to play a half-spider mom

Chainsaw Man is getting an anime movie set after the first season

‘Weird Al’ Yankovic explains his 5 favorite comedy movies

The best sci-fi movies to watch on Netflix this December

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, Netflix’s Chicken Run 2, Barbie, and every new movie to watch at home this weekend

Netflix’s Chicken Run sequel is a Mission: Impossible movie

Godzilla can star in anything, and he’s finally getting to prove it

Every Wonka candy seen in a Wonka movie, ranked

Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon Part One is just a surface-level, sketchy Star Wars

What to know before watching Wonka, which is worth watching

Streaming exclusivity doesn’t matter anymore

The Zone of Interest breaks dangerous new ground in exploring the Holocaust

The next level of puzzles.

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