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Sadie Gennis is a veteran journalist who’s been covering entertainment for nearly 15 years. Previously an editor, producer, and host at TV Guide, her work has been featured in Variety, New York magazine, Vulture, Bustle, and Nerdist, and she's made appearances on CBSN. Sadie has written about celebrities, books, and culture, but her focus and passion has always been TV, writing and reporting on everything from The Witcher and Stranger Things to Degrassi and the Real Housewives franchise. Sadie has been a member of the Television Critics Association since 2016, and won a Telly Award for a Game of Thrones series she hosted and produced. She studied culture, media, and gender at the New School, where she used her thesis as an excuse to rant to her classmates about Twilight and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. When Sadie isn’t working, you can find her watching anime and reality TV, dissecting celebrity gossip, reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, and taking selfies with her two cats. Her Dunkin order is a medium caramel iced coffee, milk, no sugar.