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A composite image of all the items included in the Polygon 2023 Holiday Gift Guide Photo composition: Alice Newcome-Beill/Polygon | Source images: Various

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Polygon’s 2023 holiday gift guide

This year’s hottest hardware, toys, books, and games to check some names off your list

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’Tis the season to think of what to buy for friends, family, co-workers, and, of course, yourself (self-care is important, after all). The good news is that, compared to the past few years, stock shortages of the most in-demand gaming gifts have finally wavered.

Whatever your recipient is into, our guide aims to supply you with ideas you didn’t know you needed. Join us as we recommend the best 2023 holiday gifts, from gadgets on the bleeding edge, like the shiny iPhone 15 Pro, to the retro Evercade EXP handheld. Consoles like the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Steam Deck, and Xbox Series X remain great choices for this holiday season, too. The guide’s not just limited to gaming gear, as we’ve also included other great gadgets, as well as gifts in entertainment, board games, books, and more.

Our guide has got you covered for multiple categories and budgets, which can be easily filtered, so whether you’re looking for a Secret Santa gift, a stocking-filler, or just want to splash out on something special, look no further than this guide.

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LG C3 55-inch OLED TV, $1,500

It’s finally time to make the switch to OLED with LG’s latest model of webOS-powered smart TV with built-in voice control. You’ll get the best visuals out of your consoles, thanks to the C3's ability to display games at high frame rates.

Nintendo Switch OLED, $349

Nintendo’s hybrid console still has plenty of staying power, especially with this year’s The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. If you like to play in handheld mode, this model’s beautiful 7-inch OLED screen is just the ticket.

PlayStation 5, $500

Sony’s PS5 fully immerses you in its robust game library with its tactile DualSense controller, 3D sound, and its lighting-fast loading times. If you’re after the most spellbinding blockbuster exclusives that make the most of these features, then look no further.

Xbox Series X, $500

With big exclusives finally here in time for the holidays, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X can really open you up to more games, especially when you also gift a subscription to Xbox Game Pass, which gives you access to many top titles to play from day one.

Meta Quest 3, $500

Meta’s new Quest 3 mixed-reality headset boasts double the graphical processing power of its predecessor, richer audio, and more precise controls for even more immersive VR and AR experiences. It also comes bundled with Asgard’s Wrath 2 for a limited time.

Cyberpunk 2077: Ultimate Edition

Cyberpunk 2077: Ultimate Edition features every story set in the world of the dark future, including the base game, its spy-thriller expansion, and the powerful Update 2.0. The free Update 2.0 brings new ways to play Cyberpunk 2077, including totally redesigned perks and cyberware systems, pulsating vehicle combat and car chases, a revamped police system, enhanced enemy combat AI, and more. Create your own cyberpunk and explore all Night City has to offer in Cyberpunk 2077: Ultimate Edition. Available on Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC.

PlayStation VR2, $550

While pricier than the PS5 required to run it, Sony’s next-gen headset, the PlayStation VR 2, has to be experienced to be believed, with crisp 4K displays, eye-tracking, and head-rumbling haptics. Existing games, like Gran Turismo 7 and Resident Evil Village, feature incredible VR modes.

PlayStation Portal Remote Player, $200

This dedicated remote player lets you play your favorite PS5 games anywhere in the house over Wi-Fi (handy for when the TV isn’t available) while retaining the DualSense's key features, such as realistic haptics and adaptive triggers.

Steam Deck, $400

While competition has stiffened with powerful portables, Valve’s delightfully chunky Steam Deck is great for playing even the latest AAA releases on the go. Having the Steam store at your fingertips means you’re never far from another tempting deal or demo. And if you're OK with paying more, the new Steam Deck OLED features a gorgeous OLED screen and longer battery life.

ASUS ROG Ally, $700

The new mighty handheld console on the block, Asus’ ROG Ally, doesn’t just have the new Ryzen Z1 Extreme chip, but also amazing visuals from its sharp 7-inch 1080p display with support for a smooth 120 Hz refresh rate.

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Multi-platform Wireless Gaming Headset, $330

When you just want one headset to work on all of your consoles, Turtle Beach’s premium wireless gaming headset for Xbox is the one. It includes a feature called Superhuman Hearing, allowing you to gain the advantage in competitive games, and it ships with Bluetooth support for your phone, plus it has swappable batteries, so charging is less of a concern.

CRKD Nitro Deck, $60

Kiss Joy-Con drift goodbye with this premium handheld accessory, which supports both Nintendo Switch’s standard and OLED models. Its Hall effect sensor joysticks, comfortable grips, and remappable back buttons make it a must-have Switch add-on.

Atari 2600+, $130

This updated version of the classic console is enhanced for the modern era, allowing you to play original Atari 2600 and 7800 game cartridges on a widescreen HD television. No Atari collection? No worries. It includes a 10-in-1 game cartridge.

The Arkham Asylum Files: Panic in Gotham City Augmented Reality Board Game, $175

Get together with friends and solve the mysteries of Gotham City with Harley Quinn, Batman, and the Joker. This unique game combines tabletop, escape room, puzzle box, and augmented reality with animated and live-action sequences.

Drop + The Lord of the Rings key cap set, $130

For die-hard Tolkien fans, these specially designed key cap sets for mechanical keyboards cater to the diverse scripts and languages found in Middle-earth, alongside the English characters so that you can still type quickly. The script options include Elvish, Dwarvish, Black Speech, and Ringwraith.

Razer Blade 16 Gaming Laptop, $2,700

The Razer Blade 16 as the best overall gaming laptop you can buy right now. With its sharp QHD 16-bit display, super fast 240 Hz refresh rate, and capable RTX 4060 graphics, you’ll have no issue getting the latest games to run smoothly.

Razer Kitsune All-Button Arcade Controller, $300

A growing meta in fighting games is the all-button controller, which is said to surpass the traditional fight stick. Razer’s optical arcade controller is the latest to throw its hat into the all-button ring, perfect for when you need those precise counters and combos.

Victrix Pro FS Fight Stick, $400

Fighting games are undergoing a renaissance, and so are fight sticks. This premium tournament-grade fight stick is the champion’s choice, using Sanwa parts found in Japanese arcade machines, and it can be easily opened for customization.

Logitech G Fits Custom Wireless Gaming Earbuds, $230

You won’t find better-fitting wireless gaming earbuds than these. When you first use them, they mold to your ear shape within 60 seconds.

Logitech G Cloud, $300

This handheld is designed to take advantage of cloud gaming, from Xbox Cloud Gaming to Nvidia GeForce Now, with a comfortable form factor and a sharp 7-inch 1080p display. It’s also Android-based, so you can still run many apps natively, like YouTube.

PlayStation Plus Premium, $160 annually

The premium tier of PlayStation’s annual subscription doesn’t just let you play online, but gives you access to a growing library of games, including recent exclusives and classics going back to the PS1 era. Many can also be streamed, with PS5 title streaming now available.

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, $50 annually

Nintendo’s annual online subscription isn’t just reasonably priced; the Expansion Pass tier is now an ever better value with the addition of Game Boy and Game Boy Advance titles, and it also grants access to DLC for hit games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, $17 monthly

An essential monthly subscription for Xbox owners, as it provides access to a large library of titles (including some new releases from day one). The Ultimate tier also allows you to play these titles via cloud streaming on a phone or tablet, meaning you don’t even need to be an Xbox owner to reap the benefits.

Secretlab Titan Evo Gaming Chair, $550

It’s no secret that this is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs you can buy, and that's before you use its complimentary memory foam head pillow. The plainer designs are great, but if you’ve got the budget, you can also splash out on fancier upholstery and esport brand colors.

Cyberpunk 2077: No Coincidence, $19

Still can't get enough of Cyberpunk 2077 after playing the game and watching the acclaimed Netflix anime? Dive even deeper with this thrilling novel by Rafał Kosik (translated by Stefan Kielbasiewicz) that follows a ragtag group of strangers whose fates come together in a daring heist.

Lego Art - The Amazing Spider-Man Build & Display Home Decor Wall Art Kit, $200

This 2,099-piece Lego hobby/craft kit is perfect for adults or teens looking to put together a detailed, multidimensional Spider-Man art set that pops out of the frame. To make it unique, you can position it in different poses.

The Foldable Gaming Chair, $200

A gaming chair for the living room when the couch is just too far away from the TV. This comfy chair easily folds up, and it features pockets to hold drinks and other devices.

Polaroid P3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, $190

While Polaroid may be known for its instant photography, its Bluetooth speaker sports a funky retrofuturistic boombox design we love. It's portable, too, with 15 hours of battery life. There are four colors to choose from, with free access to the Polaroid Radio streaming service.

Evercade EXP, $150

Blaze Entertainment’s latest retro-focused handheld console includes the option to play games in vertical "tate" mode. It makes good use of this mode with some of the 18 built-in games from Capcom’s classic library.

iPhone 15 Pro, $1000

Apple’s latest smartphone is designed with lightweight titanium, and its new A17 Pro chip is powerful enough to run recent mobile ports of Resident Evil Village and the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Samsung 990 Pro 2 TB SSD, $150

Games keep getting bigger in install size, so to avoid constantly deleting games to make room, it’s worth investing in a hefty SSD. This SSD from Samsung will more than double your PS5’s internal storage, and it comes with a heatsink to keep it running cool within your console.

Acer Predator X45 Curved OLED Gaming Monitor, $1,600

If you’ve already invested in a premium gaming PC, you’ll want a monitor that delivers the best-looking picture for your games. Acer’s 45-inch ultrawide curved monitor is, frankly, a monster in size, and boasts a super-fast 240 Hz refresh rate OLED display.

Betrayal at Baldur's Gate, $45

A modular board game that retains the hidden traitor gameplay of the original Betrayal at House on the Hill, but brings it to the world of D&D. It includes 50 scenarios and six pre-painted adventurer figures, ensuring a very replayable tabletop experience.

Sonic the Hedgehog Heat Changing 16-Bit Ceramic Coffee Mug, $24

For Sonic fans who enjoy their hot drinks delivered in a retro-flavored vessel, this ceramic mug's 16-bit-inspired artwork comes to life when you fill it with a hot drink. Gotta drink fast!

Victrola Revolution Go Portable Record Player, $126

A truly portable record player that can be folded up and carried around, complete with a 12-hour rechargeable battery. This is capable of playing 7-inch and 12-inch vinyl, while its built-in Bluetooth speaker can pipe music streaming from other devices.

DualSense Edge PS5 Wireless Controller, $199

Sony’s PS5 controller gets a pricey but highly customizable edition in the DualSense Edge, allowing you to adjust the trigger pull distance, swap thumbsticks, and program different inputs for its two back paddles. Like it says in the name, it can really give you the edge in your games.

Ninja Air Fryer, $90

If you haven’t already been converted by air frying, one of the biggest trends that’s continued post-pandemic, this family-sized cooker requires less oil than normal frying methods, and even comes with a 20-recipe booklet.

Anker Prime 200 W Power Bank, $130

Power-hungry portable devices like Valve's Steam Deck require power banks with more juice. Anker’s latest power bank has a huge 20,000 mAh capacity that can fully charge a laptop at least once, and is capable of charging smaller devices multiple times.

Clementine Book Two, $15

Based on the world of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, the second part of the Clementine trilogy (drawn and written by Tillie Walden) follows the beloved character’s story after the Telltale game series, as her journey takes her to a mysterious island community.